Workshop 1 – Practitioner perspectives on well-adapting places

Workshop 1 introduced participants to the TalX project and examined different perspectives of what a well-adapting place was. This included the identification of the characteristics of well-adapting places and the actions that have been taken by adaptation practitioners to support the progression towards a well-adapting place. Key outputs of this workshop included the prioritisation of capability themes that need to be developed in order to increase the adaptive capacity of places. The outputs of workshop 1 fed into the development of the next 5 workshops in the series, based upon the prioritised capability themes.

Click on this link to view the report from Workshop 1

Workshop 2 – Adaptation leadership for well-adapting places

Workshop 2 focused on the priority theme ‘leadership’. This workshop established the key leadership qualities needed for successful place-based adaptation and the actions and activities necessary to develop this leadership within a place. The key outputs of this workshop highlighted the need for adaptation leadership to tackle not only issues directly related to environmental change but also social issues around equity, justice and inclusion in order to develop a well-adapting place.

Click on this link to view the report from Workshop 2

Workshop 3 – How can evidence support decision-making on the journey to a well-adapting place?

Workshop 3 focused on the evidence, knowledge and expertise necessary to help us understand the challenges of climate adaptation. This workshop explored how evidence can be used to support decision-making for creating relevant plans and action to enable effective place-based adaptation.

Workshop 4 – The role of Community in the journey towards a well-adapted place

Workshop 4 focused on exploring community education, engagement, involvement and empowerment and how these aspects of community play a role in the development of place-based adaptation.