Work Packages

WP 1: Project Management

Work Package 1, led by University College Cork (UCC) and alongside Climate Northern Ireland and SNIFFER, underlies the TalX project. This involves the day to day operations and technical aspects of the research as well as supporting a Project Steering Group and Project Advisory Group who provide advice and specialist input. This work package ensures success in meeting project targets and the smooth delivery of the TalX project as a whole.

WP 2: Policy Review and Assessment

Adaptation to climate change at local, sectoral and national levels is underpinned by governance processes, particularly those related to adaptation policy development and implementation. Work package 2 involves the establishment of best practice criteria for enabling adaptation on a multi-level and cross-sectoral basis, identifying the factors that allow an enabling environment for adaptation to progress and the challenges faced in the development of adaptation. This will involve an assessment of national adaptation policy within the 5 jurisdiction areas in Britain and Ireland.

WP 3: Institutional Capability Maturity Model

In order to progress place-based climate adaptation, the adaptive capacity of places must first be developed. Work package 3 involves the co-creation of an adaptation capability and maturity model (CMM) alongside climate adaptation practitioners from across Britain and Ireland. A capability is a combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills and characteristics which enhance success. An adaptation capability and maturity model provides a structured change process to support upskilling of adaptation practitioners from public sector organisations, local government, communities and businesses in key capabilities, creating a roadmap for successful adaptation planning and practises.

WP 4: Communities of Practise and Pathways of Change

Work package 4 will establish communities of practise from across the 5 jurisdiction areas of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England Scotland and Wales. This will draw from existing networks and will include practitioners from different sectors and tiers of government. Through interactive workshops, adaptation pathways will be identified and shared learning and collaboration enhanced, feeding back into the development of the adaptation CMM.

WP 5: Network Development and Learning

Work package 5 will focus on the testing and iteration of the adaptation CMM. This will be done firstly using a select number of user groups who are involved in climate adaptation, and later through the expansion of the network to include a range of practitioners within Britain and Ireland. The insights and learnings from these groups will feed back into the continued co-development of the adaptation CMM.

WP 6: Communication and Dissemination

Work package 6 focuses on increasing awareness of adaptation governance and practises across Britain and Ireland, as well as the benefits of transboundary adaptation practises and learning and collaboration opportunities.