Workshop 1 – Perspectives

Speaker Denise McCullagh – Lead researcher Denise McCullagh gives an overview of the aims of the TALX project in the development of a Capability and Maturity Model (CMM)

Workshop 2 – Leadership

Keynote Speaker Robert Kay – Climate Change Adaptation in California

Speaker David Dodd – Dublin Climate Action Regional Office (CAROs)

Speaker Cathy Burns – Leadership as a key capability for place-based climate adaptation

Speaker James Curran – Authentic leadership in place-based climate adaptation

Workshop 3 – Evidence

Speaker Sarah Lindley – The role of social-economic data in place-based adaptation: evidence from the Climate Just project

Speaker James Fitton – Examples of Evidence to support place-based adaptation to climate risks

Workshop 4 – Community

Speaker Marek Soanes – Money Where it Matters: Locally Led Adaptation and lessons from the Global South

Speaker Alex Cameron-Smith – Lessons from climate change adaptation engagement in Pembrokeshire

Workshop 5 – Partnership

Speaker Martha Farrell – Sea Change on the Maharees

Workshop 6 – Resource

Speaker Paul Watkiss – Resource mobilisation and adaptation finance solutions in Glasgow City Region

Speaker Matt Ellis – A nature-based approach to the climate emergency – Building a Business Case

TALX Project Highlights

Speaker Denise McCullagh gives an overview on the TALX project highlights after its completion


Workshop 1 Report – Practitioner Perspectives on Well-Adapting Places

Workshop 3 Report – Adaptation Evidence for Well-Adapting Places

Workshop 2 Report – Adaptation Leadership for Well-Adapting Places

Workshop 4 Report – The Role of Communities in Place-Based Adaptation

Workshop 5 Report – The Role of Partnership in Developing Place-Based Adaptation

Workshop 6 Report – The Role of Resource in Developing Place-Based Adaptation Partnerships

TALX Final Report


Policy Briefs